Don't Let Your Floor Lose Its Luster

Don't Let Your Floor Lose Its Luster

Schedule hardwood floor sanding in Cary & Apex, NC

Hardwood floors can last for over a century given the right treatment and maintenance. Is your flooring really showing its age? Hire the local experts at Showroom Flooring LLC for hardwood refinishing services in Cary & Apex, NC.

We've been in the flooring industry for over 30 years, with countless satisfied clients throughout the Cary & Apex, NC area. Our mission is to exceed customer expectations with every hardwood floor sanding service. You can opt for environmentally friendly finishes or try our "dustless" sanding system to minimize the produced dust by over 98%.

Call 919-260-1000 today to speak with an expert about your hardwood refinishing needs.

We'll have your hardwood looking brand-new

There are plenty of reasons to hire Showroom Flooring for hardwood refinishing services. A hardwood floor sanding is useful for:

  • Aging or worn hardwood
  • Heavily scratched finishes
  • Changing color
  • Restoring water-resistant coating

Get a fresh new hardwood floor in whatever finished color you'd like. Contact Showroom Flooring to learn more about our services.